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As you begin your quest with Crawl you'll either enter the world as The Ghost or The Hero. playing as The Hero, you'll have access to a basic Dagger, which you can upgrade from the Shop as you progress down the Dungeon. Note that most weapons add either +/-Damage +/-Speed +/-Range, sometimes more than one, depending on the weapon you're using. Also you can find magical weapons, though a bit more rare or on lower levels, which will enable you to do additional attacks, or attacks with bonuses.

Melee Weapons[edit | edit source]

Daggers[edit | edit source]

Broadswords[edit | edit source]

Longswords[edit | edit source]

Clubs[edit | edit source]

Spears[edit | edit source]

Ranged Weapons[edit | edit source]

List of Available Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapon Name Icon Damage Speed Range Description Cost
Dagger Cutthroat.png Plus.png Plus.png For those who favour speed and accuracy over range and power. 12Coin.png
Broadsword Awkward Broadsword.png Plus.pngPlus.png Plus.png A short bladed sword with well balanced strength, speed and range. 24Coin.png
Longsword Estoc.png Plus.png Plus.png - Plus.png Plus.png Although dull edged, a thrust of this huge sword can puncture the heaviest armor 64Coin.png
Spear Spear.png Plus.png Plus.png Plus.png Plus.png Their long range is favored by hunters and warriors alike. 62Coin.png
Club Club.png Plus.png Plus.png - Plus.png A heavy club. Unwieldy but effective. 20Coin.png
Bow Bow.png = - - Plus.png Plus.png A flexible bow of yew and catgut. Fires arrows at moderate speed. 38Coin.png