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Traps are Objects that can be found in Rooms and can be entered by a Spirit to be used to harm The Hero and possibly kill them. If The Hero is killed by a Trap, the Spirit possessing that Trap will become The Hero.

List of Traps[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Spike Block Trap Sharp blades flick out as the stone slab slides across the floor
Crossbow Trap A mounted crossbow, cocked and ready. Watch you don't stray into its line of fire
Flame Trap Spews searing flame into four directions
Small Spear Trap A mechanism hidden below thrusts spears upward through the sodden ground
Large Spear Trap A larger, more advanced mechanism, pushes giant cruel spikes through the floor
Orb Trap Fire balls of pure enrergy that amble across the room
Rapidfire Orb Trap Energy is stored then let off in a mighty barrage of orbs
Bouncy Orb Trap A highly charged orb fires across the room at great speed, careeming off flesh and stone
Beam Trap A blinding beam of light is cast out from atop the pedestal
Saw Trap Abondoned tools used in construction of this foul place may suddenly spring to life, to cut and rend once more
Floor Spike Trap Tread lightly, for savage iron spikes lie in wait for the ill footed traveler
Razordisk Trap Vicious spinning blades are ejected in a limited arc, careeming off walls and sinking deep into flesh.